What is This?

As the title states, this is an article dedicated to the lore of the Vault-Life universe.

Vault Wars

The vault wars occurred when many of the vault dwellers came out of the vaults after the internal supplies were almost depleted. The actual war occurred when the Vault dwellers wanted to stay in the vaults, but could not support the growing population. They went out to fight, and in the process many vaults were evacuated to save the people inside. This fate occurred for 3 vaults in the Massachusetts area: Vault 199, Vault 313, and Vault 51. Ironically, many of the survivors from the vaults banded together with vault dwellers from enemy vaults to survive the harsh wasteland.

The Massachusetts Radiation Storms

These legendary storms made legends for the years following. These random occurrences of deadly storms happened from the radioactive particles still floating in the air after the bombs fell. Many of the Vaults’ Militias died from the massive outbursts of radiation, and the storm itself caused more trouble then the bombs themselves. The after storms that developed after the war still have many destructive properties.

The Battle for Vault 313

After the depletion of resources and the start of the Vault Wars, the main target of all parties was Vault 313. The only reason Vault 313 was even in the conflict was because of its hydroponics lab, a self-sustaining system of growing food without dirt. The process itself was revolutionary, and Vault 313 attempted to defend itself in the battle for the technology. In the end, a soldier took the final choice, and tossed a Weapon-Grade Antimatter Grenade, which completely caved in the entrance to the vault and blew up the inside. Only a few got out, and the main killer was the lack of air when the rocks caved in.

The Myst-Man

Literally nothing is known except a few things about this mysterious being. One, he is interdimensional. Two, he is made of pure energy. Three, he knows all, but he wishes mostly to have a physical form in the third dimension. And finally, the only one who has personally met him is the author, directly before he came out of cryostasis on the moon. His brother died in the for the portal on the Moon, and he collapsed the portal the same way that Vault 313 went down. The author went back to his home terrestrial planet, and decided to stay there. He faded into obscurity, and now the Myst-Man is just myth.

The Author

The Author, one of the legendary figures in season 1. He is the first to come to Vault 51 when he was 13, and finished his degree in the vault’s university periods, which was codenamed MIT, for his love to the Institute (See “The Institute”). His research is highly regarded in the Vault Wars, but decided to go to the moon to go into cryostasis at age 42, but once he awoke he was frozen in time and decided to meet an extraterrestrial he had never yet talked to, the Myst-Man, but he found out that the Myst-Man was evil, and brought his brother along to destroy the link between worlds. His brother died, as described in Myst-Man’s lore, and the Author went back to Earth nearing the end of the Vault Wars. From there after he met some scavengers, and that was the time he went into cryostasis at 42. Nobody knows if he will ever break the time loop he is in, and if he does, he will finally go back to the Vault he once grew up in and destroy the Myst-Man, and go back to his peaceful life scavenging whenever he can.

When The Bombs Fell

As human history has always stated, “War, war never changes,” and though this was the war to stop all wars, It was a lying war, and afterwards, you already heard about the Vault Wars. When the bombs fell, humans were at the height of their power, and they had completely dominated the global infrastructure of nature. Though this was the highest they could go, they went even farther, to the point of nuclear devastation. When China and Europe Joined in on the war for oil and other resources, Anchorage, Alaska was the last place that had working oil rigs. The Battle for Anchorage is a story for a different time, but when the last oil rig was destroyed accidentally, China launched the first nukes toward other countries, and all of the horrors of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) came true.

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