What is This?

This page is meant to explain the origins, motives, and personalities of all the characters in the series. More bios will be added as the series continues!

Lucas (Age 49)

  • CHILDHOOD/BEFORE THE WAR Was the only member to be born before the bombs, went to MIT for a double PhD for Engineering and Experimental Weaponry Development, worked for ArcJet Labs before the war and developed at the head of his group the Power Armor suits he often collects. He had rushed to the vault when the bombs fell, and was old enough to venture out from the vault to find his old equipment that he made to help the Vault War effort.
  • ADULTHOOD Fought in Vault Wars for Vault 51, and developed experimental weaponry during the wars. Left his research and the war and met up with Patryk and Amy, two other scavengers when he was 42. Almost directly after he greeted them, he declared he had to go, and would come back when he was 49. True to his word, he came back in his middle-ages.
  • AFTER THE VAULT WARS/ADULT - NOW He became a scavenger and started trading throughout the wasteland buying and selling random pieces of advanced tech. He found Amy and Patryk in the aftermath almost directly after the Battle for Vault 313, and started a general store called the Hidden Nook. He comes back and shows them where his home vault is, and the story picks up from there.
  • CURRENT TRADING LIFE - NOW When he sells enough to start a store with Amy and Patryk, he also invents the revolutionary formula for SOAZ, made from bottled milk and pickled directly after to add strange effects to it.

Patryk (Age 30)

  • CHILDHOOD - EARLY ADULTHOOD From failed Vault 313 - Refugee from Vault Wars when it got invaded by Vault 199. Vault 313 is still standing, but it’s been abandoned. Was 17 when Vault 313 collapses from invasion. Was video game designer before Vault Wars.
  • EARLY ADULTHOOD - NOW Became a scavenger once Vault Wars ended. Eventually, he managed to find the remains of Vault 199, where he met Lucas and Amy at age 20. He started a shop with them named “The Hidden Nook”, which was a general shop that mainly sold SOAZ. He wishes to find Vault 313 again to see if there may be survivors/remaining resources. At age 23, Lucas told him he had to leave. Seven years later, he returned. Vault-Life begins a few months after Lucas’s return.
  • PERSONALITY Typically acts very jokingly, yet kind, but can be serious when required. Is typically an intelligent person, both in decision-making and when joking, though is known to make occasional idiotic decisions due to his blinded generosity. Has average strength, and is always TOO willing to help.

Amy (Age 27)

  • CHILDHOOD From the failed Vault 199. Was obsessed with books and learning Ancient languages.
  • TEENHOOD - EARLY ADULTHOOD Fought in the Vault Wars for refugees of Vault 313. Met Patryk while fighting, escaped with him and met Lucas.
  • EARLY ADULTHOOD - NOW  The group stuck together, and managed not to die. With the help of each other, they managed to escape the rest of the fighting.

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